NEPA Paranormal Investigations
1.Avondale mine Disaster
2.Avondale Mine Revisited
4.Wilkes_Baree Cemetery
46. Beaver Falls
48.Mahanoy City,Pa
52.Canadensus,Pa.(Rock N Roll Radio Show)
53.Clarke Summitt,Pa
57.Rolling Hills Asylem
58.Hill View Manor,Pittsburg,Pa.
59.Scranton Pa. APT
61.Nanticoke,Pa (Funeral Home APT)
62.Brookview Manor,Pocono,Pa.
66.Woodfield Manor Chop House,Pocono,Pa.
69. MTP,Pa.
3.Avondale The Finale Chapter
As you can see from our previous Avondale pages, we came up with some incredible evidence. We consulted our psychic friend who has been extremely helpful to us in the past, and found that the spirits there are not those of the miners who perished during the mine collapse, but those of a mother (Abigail), her child (Rosalyn) and a sinister entity (Henry). When they were alive, Abigail had Rosalyn out of wedlock, which was frowned upon back in the day, so she left her family and set out on her own where she would not have to live with that shame. Soon after she met Henry. He was a very negative and controlling person, and controlled the two of them for the rest of their lives. Abigail felt she had no way of getting away from him, so she decided to poison him. The three of them went on a picnic at this site of the disaster back in the 1880’s, which was the day Abigail decided to go through with her plan. The poison she chose to use was a slow acting poison, and Henry soon realized what she had done. He became enraged and murdered the two of them, and died himself soon after. All three of their spirits are at the site of the disaster, and even in her afterlife, Henry still controls Abigail. He is telling her that she cannot cross over because she will go to hell because she had her child out of wedlock. He is also telling her That Rosalyn will go to hell too because she is a child of sin. The EVP asking "to guide us home" (found on our Avondale Revisited page) was the voice of Rosalyn, a terrified child who is stuck and has no where else to turn. Upon hearing this, we decided to do some research, so we packed our notebooks and loose change and headed to the local library. After a few hours, it became clear that this information was correct. We managed to track down Abigail, and everything fit. She disappeared after the 1880 census.

We decided as a group that we could not abandon this case, and vowed to coax the two of them to cross into the light where they belong.

Upon starting, we did not see anything that extreme, but we did however capture a picture of the sky, which appeared blood red through the trees. If it was a coincidence, it was still a pretty freaky one regardless.